Solstice:Blue Moon:3.6.9: Kuan Yin-Avalokitesvara


kuan yintriple moon

Once in a Blue Moon do such portals line up such as now. The Solstice heralds the  Sacred Union Of The Divine feminine and Divine Masculine and this time around  in attendance is a Full Blue Moon and the frequencies of 3.6.9.

So if the energies feel debilitating…dizzy, headache particularly at the back of the skull, resurgence of aches which happen to be the weakest areas of your body….they have every reason to be intense!!

Carrying us through these frequencies is Kuan Yin-Avalokitesvara , the androgynous nature of the Divine Source exhibiting complete harmony and balance of the feminine and masculine attributes of Father/ mother God.

Goddess Kuan-Yin will bath you in the Green Light of Integration to help assimilate the the Frequencies Keys and Codes that are being dispensed Now for this Divine Union .This Green light/ray/flame works through your Heart for it is only by being heart centered and via the bridge of compassion that we will cross into the higher vibrational frequencies…the New Earth.

Of late the dark and the dense energies have been coming up to the fore both individually and collectively. You are urges to call upon the transmuting powers of Kuan Yins Dragons/ Fire dragons / Violet dragons to transmute all that is dark and dense in your energy field and then expand it to envelope the entire planet of Gaia.

Lightworkers/ starseeds  this is of great inportance for the next 24 hours…transmutation with the help of the Dragon energies and bathing in the Green Light codes individually and expanded to envelope Mother Gaia. You lightworkers are the conduits for this Divine Cosmic Marriage of Heaven and Earth / Light and Dark / Sun and Moon that is taking place Now!!

Let the Magic begin….. ❤

Note:Though convention defines blue moon as the second full moon in a month some astrologers believe a blue moon occurs  ‘ when there are two Full Moons in a zodiac sign rather than in a man-made calendar month. The last time there were two Full Moons in the same sign was in July-August, 2013 in the signs of Leo/Aquarius~Cathy Pagano`’.



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