Throat Chakra stuffy again??: Perhaps you are a Sentinel of the Divine Feminine

The Sentinels of The Divine Feminine awoke in hordes in 2012, the year that Gaia moved from the Age of Patriarchy to Age of the Divine Feminine (21:12:12). Under the aegis of the Goddess, these Sentinels ,known only to their higherselves, undertook an accelerated  awakening ascension course,but with the very conscious knowing that there was a greater reason for their being, a purpose behind their incarnation . These Sentinels Of the Goddess, The Carriers of the Codes of the Divine Feminine , are NOW beginning to remember…

They have spent the past few years in preparation, often in the background, but now they are READY.They codes that they carry in their blue prints are now beginning to be activated. And a huge role is played in this by Sirius and its dispensation of the BLUE RAY. The Blue Ray, the Ray of Gods Will, Power and Protection of frequency 1 also carries within it the essence of the Divine Feminine,and is the vehicle for the transition of Gaia from a planet of Free Will to Gods Will. A reinstatement of the Divine Feminine, which further holds space for the birthing of the awakened masculine.

Since the SunSirius Conjunct in early July ,we have been receiving accelerated dispensations of the Blue ray.The Blue ray is working in tandem with the Violet ray and now with The 8 ray of Integration ( Ruby/Ultraviolet) and bringing in codes of alchemy and transformation for our shift to a higher dimensional frequency, of balanced Awakned masculine and Sacred Feminine. These rays are NOW being particularly felt in the up gradations of the Throat and Higher Heart and Third eye.

The blue ray works particularly on the Throat Chakra, the Bridge that Balances Gods Wisdom ( 3 Eye) and Gods Love (Heart).Its the Chakra of communicating your Truth and Integrity, which has severely been traumatized  due to the patriarchal attitudes imprinted deep within humanity. It is this Chakra that has to be cleansed cleared and upgraded for the voice of the Divine Feminine to be heard and the codes of the Divine Feminine to be transmitted to awaken the rest of humanity.

So if lately you have been off and on being feeling discomfort in this chakra( usually accompanied with flu symptoms and then suddenly it  disappears)……you now know why……its because YOU are the Sentinel of the Divine Feminine, and your work in the shadows is over….and you NOW need to Stand Up and take the lime light and be an Active  Transmitter of the Codes Of The Divine Feminine.Many of you ,over this past year may have had life resets which involved breaking   free from these very Patriarchal institutions /persons/ situations. You may now be in greater awareness of your etheric Twin Flames too as they come to you once you have mastered your lessons and are ready for your Planetary/Cosmic Mission.

We have already entered an important passage of the Sirius Blue rays beginning with the Sun Sirius conjunct, 888 lions gateway, 999 gateway of Endings. 1010 gateways have brought in new codes of awakening, alchemy , transformation and Metamorphosis and will continue to do so through the 1111 1212 and 2112 corridor to 111 on January 2017. The year of 1, the year of the Blue Ray, the year of the Divine Feminine. Sentinels of the Goddess , this will be YOUR year…..where you will fully take over the mantel of the purpose for your incarnation and align with your Soul Purpose for the establishment of the Divine Feminine of Gaia and the Law of One.

Devyani Singh ~ Sa Kei Na









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