Guardians Of The Violet Flame#From The Future#Twin Flame Union

jackie yatesIn my session of Starseed Purpose activation recently, for the second time in the span of 3 months , a channeling came through which indicated that my client was a soul from the FUTURE and a Guardian of The Violet Flame and a Blue Ray.

As I have mentioned many a times , The Violet Flame is our Super-Highway to the Golden age ….the Violet ray is the Ray presiding over the Age of Aquarius. Many starseeds here on Gaia are from the “FUTURE” and have come with the very Significant Flame …The Violet Flame , for the purpose  of Gaia’s ascension. These beings have been on Gaia in past lifetimes as well…..As Guardians Of The Violet Flame. Very few chosen ones carried the Wisdom of Alchemy of The Violet flame in the dark ages of Gaia. They were of Strong will and purpose and had pledged to use the Violet Flame only for the Good of humanity, and this was the very reason these Guardians were often hunted and tortured in the past ….For this Magical Alchemical Power that they possessed.

The Time Is NOW!!!!!

All Starseeds are required to align with their Soul Purpose NOW. You have already been receiving ever increasing amounts of the Blue light, latest portal being the Wesak Full moon when the dispensation of the Blue Ray was amped up a few notches. This is also the year that the Blue ray Individuals/ starseeds will align with their Soul Purpose n Mission.

The Blue ray is representative not only of the Will and Power of God, it also representative/ carrier of The Divine Feminine  Magenta Ray and works in close association with the Violet Ray.

Since the Wesak Moon ,the increased dispensation of the Blue ray ,Shiva ray is causing a mega purge in the earth chakras , and simultaneously facilitating a Innner Union of our Inner masculine and Inner Feminine. In other words, a union of the Left brain right brain, Heart n Mind , Spiritual and Material….Twin flame union!!! To truly move ahead on your soul purpose, this union is the key,because then and only then will we be able to anchor our spiritual Starseed wisdom INTO the Material/ Earth reality……without which ascension Personal and ascension of Gaia is not possible.

Many Blue ray individuals will be now moving into greater degree of this internal twin flame union as they already carry the Blue, violet and magenta rays within them. Not suprising that often some of  these individuals find themselves alone,ie no apparent  twin flame on this earthly reality as they carry this Union within and often like to work alone and in isolation on their particular mission. Their twin will be in the Etheric realms guiding them on their earthly task and mission . They also work hand in hand with the Sentinels of the Goddess who too are now coming out of their incubation period and coming into their own. In some few cases it is also possible to be both Sentinel Of the goddess and a Guardian of the Violet flame.


Art Credit Jackie Yates

TIME TRAVELLERS from The VIOLET Planet/Star of The FUTURE-Part 2


I had shared in yesterday’s post about channeled infomation about souls I ncarnated NOW who are from the Future and carry the Violet Flame. Some more individuals have messaged me with confirmations and validations of the same so I’m going to share some further infomation about this aspect.

What has been shown to me is that there a Planet/ Star which exists in a Future Timeline . It has a sky of Violet hue. Transportation is via silver pioletless small flying pods. The entire city seems to exist in the sky. The “houses” are so high in the sky that they can only be asscessed by the flying pods. In these houses is a central Flame of the Violet Flame.
Inhabitants of this planet were asked/ told to return in time to the planet of Gaia carrying with them the Violet Flame. A Council Meeting was held attended by many planets and galaxy members and each soul was given her/ his particular Mission/Missions (as the task at hand could nit be compartmentalised into linear segregation ). One of their mission was to radiate and transmit this violet flame to increase the Light Quiotent of Gaia to such an extent that this Violet Flame created the recquired energetic conditions to “bring back Gaia on its rightful trahectory” .

And the time for it is NOW!!!
These “Time -Travellers ” have Incarnated on Gaia many times before as Guardians of The Violet Flame. NOW is the time they NEED to push ahead full throttle on their Mission/ Purpose.

These “Time -Travellers” undertook this mission knowing that they would be leaving behind their “Home” for many many many years. It was with a very heavy heart that they took leave of their beautiful home and time travelled back in the past to asist Gaia in getting “on -course”. We are NOW in the Final stages of the mission. ALL hands are recquired on board.

The infomation that I share is via channelings received by me during sessions or my own practices. If they resonate with you and you feel called to work with me via Skype for..

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