Amid incessant talks and Portals of New New beginnings (this entire year really) and increased and incessant Solar Action of Flares/ storms rewiring our DNA with the usual symptoms of soul fatigue /disconnectedness there is increased confusion / helpless/ anxiety being experienced by those lightworkers who yearn to Be On the Path of their Soul Purpose yet it seems elusive.

Please know that each and every moment you spend in putting forth positive thoughts, words and actions, taking care of your earthly responsibilities, keeping your energetic vibrations high you are already on the Path .

Keeping your vibrations high means :-

#learning how not to get your buttons pushed : denial is not the answers here, if your buttons are being pushed it means there is still something to learn and to master…

#acting from a space of non judgement . It’s not your job to drag people to the Light no matter how convinced you are that this IS the RIGHT PATH. It means being an Example of vibrating at the highest level of consciousness, should people wish to follow.

#keeping Firm Boundaries for yourself, and not invading others either , however well meaning it may feel. Always respecting FREE WILL of all Sentient being and living with mutual respect, even if you disagree. Know there is not ONE path up the mountain …there are many path…even though the Summit/ destination is the same.

#being in your Truth. Clearly stating what is acceptable and what is not calmly but forcefully. This is where maximum courage is recquired . Because as your internal landscape changes and the outer landscape is not allowed to change…it causes rot and toxicity in Relationships . Courage is required to LET GO of the familiar, the stable, the known….so that the unknown and better may enter.

This is how your Soul Purpose then establishes itself over time…in Divine Timing, one step at a time. Please know that your Purpose is not a blueprint written in stone that one day the key turns and boom…you are handed your entire life’s purpose to follow!!

NO,your Purpose is revealed, one step at a time. Listen to your guidance, take action. This tells the Universe you have Faith in it.Action recquires you to conquer FEAR , the greatest illusion of this 3D matrix. Look fear in the eyes and say me what youve got…..and take the first step….and you will realise your fear of fear was actually much greater than fear itself!!

Thenand only then will the Universe reveal the next step, and the next…. In each moment, each choice ,each step ..YOU ARE WRITING/ CREATING YOUR PURPOSE… There are always mutliple choices, multiple timelines existing in each moment…YOU MAKE THE CHOICE….

How do you know you are following your purpose?!?!…..when the idea /feeling/knowing stirs your passion, consumes you, frightens the daylights out of you …and yet you know that if you don’t listen and take Action and let Fear overrule you…you will simply be existing….not Living Your Purpose!!! And One day…it WILL all fall in place…the skills, attitudes.. attributes…that you have accumulated over this entire Period….your SOUL Purpose…always Flowing…never static…

Devyani Singh~Sa Kei Na

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