Message from AM MELCHIZEDEK on Sun Sirius Conjunction

hqdefaultAs I connected to the Sun Sirius Conjunction today the following channeling came through via Ascended Master Melchizedek of The Great White Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge of Sirius.

What came through was this.

“Those who have worked on clearing heir chakras and energy fields to a large extent and are “willing” to be Melchizedek’s Light Sentinels of Gaia will NOW be assisted in shedding the PAST to assist in Aligning Gaia with her Highest Diamond Timeline and your own individual Lemurian Pure Light Vehicles.

If you are “willing” and “ready” then call on AM Melchizedek who will place upon you the Etheric Tree of Life. This will Activate your Solar Plexus , which via the cords at your Navel will realign, rebalance, clear and heal and release all that no longer aligns with your highest good and Gaias highest good from lifetimes upon lifetimes, so that you can be in true and pure connection with Gaia once again as the True Pure Lemurian Masters  of Light that you are.

It is through our Navel Chakra that we are connected to the womb of our Mother, our Ancestors and the Womb of Gaia. As  You assist Gaia in her Ascension, so  does Gaia disclose to you her secrets and wisdom for your Ascension.

When your Solar Plexus is activated thus it could become highly sensitive and take you on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. This process needs to be initiated today and continued for 8 days till the Super New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on July 12/13.

To assist with this Activation make sure to support your physical body with lots of fluids as it gives the densities a physical vehical to latch on to for release.

Once Activated the Solar Plexus via the Heart will communicate to the Pineal important information coming in from the Order of Melchizedek via Light Symbols in aligning with the next stage of yours and Gaias Ascension Spiral . One can thus expect the activation of your Heart, Thymus , Pineal, DNA, Crystalline Rainbow Frequency Light Body and attunement to your Aspects of 12 Higher multidimensional selves.”Jean-Luc-Mercasa

Interestingly I had mentioned these three aspects of Releasing  Ancestral lineage, Solar Plexus and Light Body levitation in my previous post. fontanel-chakras-tarot-keysjaneadamsart

For those of you who feel this message is for YOU , you can program any Quartz crystal to be aligned with the Kabalah Tree of Life symbol that I was shown and place this in your body during this meditation.

And we are off to a Thunderous Start to Sirius Season….Happy Sun Sirius Conjunction 💜🔱💜✨A57_1

AM Melchizedek Message Part 2

So I’ve been given some more clarity on the message that came through on the Sun Sirius Conjunction on July  6 via AM MELCHIZEDEK.

Under the leadership of AM MELCHIZEK , many Starseeds who resonate with the Blue Ray and have a Sirius connection ( had a lifetimes there as student or teacher or both ) and NOW walk this planet as Emissarys of Light to assist with Gaia’s Ascension are being assisted in a mega clearing process in the lead up to the First of the Eclipses of the Eclipse July 13

Those committed to Gaias Ascension are being assisted in clearing their ancestral lineage via the umbilical cord of the Naval to their ancestral lineage right up to Lemurian Times. This was shown to me as an intricate web of lines ( Flower of Life + Star of David) which connects us not only to our ancestors, but is interconnected with others lineage lines too. So if at a Soul Level you have consented to assist Gaia, Now AM MELCHIZEDEK via hishLight Symbols of Sacred Geometry is working through these intricate webs and they were shown to me as LIGHTING UP in a Brilliant White Lines that INTERCONNECTED all Starseeds and Lightworkers AND somehow connected with Gaia’s lines as well.

Here I was told that as these ancestral lineage lines  are WOMB CONNECTIONS , and Gaia is the ULTIMATE MOTHER WOMB, they all connect BACK to her.!!!

So not only are we in a period of clearing our individual ancestral lineage, we are Also CLEARING CHANNELS OF INTERCONNECTED between all Lightworkers AND Gaia…hence bringing us one step closer to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS!!!

On a side Note: This latest crop circle looks uncannily similar to the Flower of Life+ Merkaba symbol I was shown by AM MELCHIZEDEK which I posted yesterday with my post of his message!!!
This crop circle has been spotted in
Martinsell Hill nr Wooton Rivers but harvested already.


~Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

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Artist Jean Luc Mercasa


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