Winter Solstice 2018


20 Dec 2018original

Tunneling through the Womb of Creation of the Goddess Portal of 12-21, forced to travel to the deeper depths of what we don’t wish to see and acknowledge, we are pushed out this Birthing Canal of deep fiery transformation much like the Winter Solstice Sun.

Amidst the Longest Night of the Year( Dark night of the Soul/ 12-21 Womb of the Goddess) the Sun stands STILL , and in that Stillness and Darkness brings a promise, a HOPE , as it CHANGES DIRECTION to Birth NEW LIGHT, a New Season, longer daylight…..

We have left behind what we can no longer carry forward during 12-21 Gateway ( keeping only the learnings and lessons), we have sown our seeds of Intention, and In this Deep Stillness of Winter Sun, as we retreat into our inner depths, we replenish our resources.. all the time growing stronger and stronger with more Light everyday…just like the Winter Solstice Sun…

Happy 21:12 ✨

Happy Solstice✨

Happy Full Moon✨


21 Dec 2018

Celebrating The Dark Womb of Creation + New Creation: Happy Solstice + Full Moon

From the Darkest longest Night the Sun is born anew as Winter Solstice Sun , born from the Goddess Moon according to ancient legends. Today 22 December we actually have Solstice and Full Moon coinciding few hours apart..and will not happen again till 2094!!

We like the Sun are being reborn to New light , from the Womb of the Goddess ( Goddess Portal 12-21). Today we celebrate the Darkness of the Womb of All Creation, the Divine Feminine Mother, her Wisdom, her Intution and birthing of The New in a new cycle of Death(of the old) and Rebirth . We are going to be nestling at the nuturing warmth of the bosom of Goddess Mother (Nature), growing stronger in our New light , nurturing our selves , shoring up our reserves, nurturing the seeds of the New, so that when the time is right, we emerge from our protective cocoons …ready to SHINE OUR LIGHT.

Solstice Full Moon Blessings ✨❤✨


23 Dec 2018

Solstice Message:
How the Son/ Sun Rises #DivineMasculine


The Goddess births the New Son/ Solstice Sun…the Masculine. The next three Months are crucial for the Masculine for the masculine has to decide wether the newely awakned/ Awakening Masculine will slide back into the shadows of the Wounded Masculine / Unawakened Patriarchal Masculine/ Adolescent Masculine ( not facing up to it’s end of responsibility wrt Gaia’s Ascension) or will it have the courage to step firmly onto the steep Ascension spiral of the Divine Masculine.

The Divine Feminine that is holding space for the Divine Masculine to truely come into it’s own will be oscallating between the Divine Mother Energies and the Kali/ Sekhmet Energies ( holding space for the masculine by alternating between gentle nurturing energies and strong action demanding accountability from the Masculine.)

Post March 2019, the Divine Feminine will launch a no holds barred war cry against the Patriachy as Soul Tribes unite and move forth on a common goal for Ascension of Gaia as ONE.

Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

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