2019 #TRINITY #BLUE #AQUAMARINE #GOLD on wings of Platinum & Violet


After the frenzied fun-filled celebrations of Christmas and New Year , I find my self cocooning these first few days of the New Year. The Energies that are presenting themselves Now are palpably “NEW” and I find myself approaching them at snail pace. It feels as if I’ve been in hibernation for 6 long years ( since 2012) and Now I have reached the end of the Tunnel…and I can see the brilliant New Lights and Vistas and opportunities that are up for grabs Now as the end of the Tunnel …. And I just need to reach out and…

…yet there is some trepidation, like I need to convince myself that I’ve actually made it till here, it’s actually happening…all that I wished and dreamt of is Now Finally within my reach…light-end-tunnel-concept-illumination-life-death-89070082

So I’m taking my time in my cave, regrouping, building up on my strength, basking in the Glow of the New Light that is shining oh so brilliantly just beyond my cave, swatting away like flies the old memories / resentment/ unforgivness and timelines that appear suddenly to block my path out of the tunnel/ cave….NO….The Old is truely Gone…I Will Not Engage with thee Now as I stand on the threshold of something Big, Monumental, and oh so NEW!!!

As for the Energies…I’m picking up plenty of Sirius Frequencies as is usual at the beginning of the New Year. However these Blue Ray Frequencies are being felt oh so strongly like never before ( it almost felt like we were traversing Lions Gate). So Sirius Energies of the Blue Ray of God’s Will combining Forces with Saturn and you get One Word ” KARMA”!!! Yes, we are facing our Rewards/ Retribution wrt Masculine Energetic Way of being.8vertical_8

The Masculine is on a Full Course Correction , the velvet gloves that the Divine Feminine held the Masculine with have been removed. The way that the Divine Feminine Now relates/ interacts with the Masculine is undergoing change…All for the Balance to be Restored.

As mentioned earlier, the 12-12-2018 Goddess Portal has birthed the TRINITY ASPECT of 2019.


@Shiv +Shakti +Ganesh = Father/ Mother/ Holy child

@Goddess Trinity= Isis/ Kali / Hathor ( Awakening/ Clearing/ Manifestation)

@Holy Trinity = Bhrama+ Vishnu+ Shiva ( Creator/ Protector/ Destroyer)

Also 12-21-2018 was the Kali/ Dragon/ Phoenix Portal, meaning Baptism taking place via Fire particularly wrt Wounded/ Unawakned Masculine Attributes.

Nodes shift to Cancer/ Capricorn where Old Structure of the Patriarchal/ Wounded/ Unawakned Masculine will disintegrate ( via Maha Kali ) for a New Order/ Structure to be revealed.And the process begins with the Eclipse Season commencing Tomorrow, 5/ 6 Jan partial Solar Eclipse …in other words a New Moon super charged on steroids for New Order and Structure riding on Capricorn Energies with premium on Routine/ Structure , Order, Action and Achievement.

In addition to the High Frequency Blue Ray’s also picking up lots of Mother Healing Energies of Aquamarine with Gold. Divine Feminine moves into a Stricter Mother Version  ( read Stress on Personal Responsibility and Accountability)  Now assisting the Rise of the Masculine ( Gold Frequencies).

A New Spiral of Creation ( Aquamarine) is spinning into Being  for the Rising of the New Shiva ( Masculine) ( Gold Frequencies) which when in Balance with the Shakti spells the era of Abundant Manifestation of God’s Will ( Blue Ray)…this is the Potential of 2019.0

Feel these energies in your #
#Throat ( New Higher Expression),

#Heart and High Heart ( Transmuting the Old Patriarchy for Heart Based Living ) . Infact I felt a dull pain in the Heart Chakra first few days of 2019 .

#Solar Plexus ( laying the foundation of Action and Manifestation of Abundance)

All the while held in the loving embrace of the Violet Ray and The Platinum Ray . The Violet Ray is the Ray of the Aquarian Age, our Super Highway to New Gaia. And The Platinum Ray is the Ray of the Trinity, (ShivShaktiGanesh/ Father/ Mother/ Holy Child), the Rainbow Bridge to New Gaia.

So 2019 we are walking with The Trinity of Blue+ Aquamarine + Gold held together by the Violet Ray on the Platinum Rainbow ( Antakarana) Bridge of New Gaia.

Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

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visit https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/my-services/
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#Trinity #BlueRay #Aquamarine #GoldRay #Throat #SolarPlexus #HighHeart #Spiral #Creation #GoddessPortal #PlatinumRay #RainbowBridge #VioletRay

Gratitude to Artists Unknown


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