Sure Footed Capricorn Leads Eclipse Season


We are approaching the Dark Moon phase of the New Moon Solar Eclipse ( eclipse in Karmic South Node in Capricorn, where we release the Old and keep only the lessons)   and swirling all around us and closing in are the memories of Old Wounds, betrayals, resentments, feelings of revenge and unforgivingness etc…

These keep you attached to the Old Timelines , divert your attention, siphon off your positive energies and keep you locked in the Past. BUT , thankfully we are supported by the Capricorn Energies of this Moon ( pretty much the theme for this year ) and Capricorn Energy has no time or patience with the wishy washy stuff. Its forte is Discpline, Practicality, Hard Work ( and then some) , Focus and Success .

So use these Capricorn energies to banish these Old memories and timelines that threaten to derail your Focus on the NEW Creations you so desire in 2019.

So the moment you find yourself in the Past #SHIFT your FOCUS by giving GRATITUDE for what you Treasure in the Now . Then envision what you would like to seed in this steroid supercharged New Moon for 2019.

We have 6 Eclipses in 2019 so lots of paradigm shifts in store .But it is the Sure footed , Fish Tailed Mountain Goat ” Capricorn” leading us with ” Perseverance” as it’s middle name and “Success ” as it’s Destination!!

Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

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