What is Soul Progression


Working towards Soul progression or the Ascension Process is basically moving into alignment with your Soul Purpose, your reason for incarnation via learning the Soul lessons you have set yourself up for in this incarnation.

In a nut shell this amounts to moving from Victimhood mentality to Masterhood. That means moving away from blame games, judgement, drama, dependency ( where we place the onus of our happiness/unhappiness on “others”/ circumstances/ situations) into Personal Accountability and Responsibility for your Choices as we ALWAYS have a CHOICE, what we lack perhaps is courage and Faith in ourselves and a fear of the unknown. Recognising that YOU and YOU alone are your own Saviour and Game changer.This recquires YOU to step beyond the limitations of Fear , with COURAGE, release Control (needing to see the entire blueprint of your life vs taking the next step that “feels” right)  , Show Up and Persevere with Faith and Trust.

It translates into taking the journey within to soften the sharp edges of Ego, pride, vanity, need to be right always , so that you can get in touch with the more authentic, real, vulnerable, wounded YOU, sans frills and tags our materialistic world places so heavily our shoulders . Here you relinquish the need for Others to DO For You ( bring you happiness, security, etc) as YOU emerge as your Own provider, Source of Happiness and Contentment and Bliss ,Without infringing/feeding on others boundaries, happiness, self worth, individuality and Space. No Judgement for self or others choices or way of life. Live and let live, lead by example not words.

Bliss , within and without…that is Soul Progression. We become Observers instead of Reacting/ judging everything. We Trust in the FLOW of the Universe without resistance, coz it is resistance that causes us maximum pain and we open ourselves to Receive the countless gifts of the Universe , beyond our imagination or how we believe it should be delivered( it’s not always gift wrapped but always what you need vs what you want.)

We then move into Heart based Living vis a vis Mind / ego based Living based on foundations of Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude . We move from self service to service to All. We become ONE with Gaia and Nature integrated within the eternal Flow , in Bliss and Peace. Life force flows within and through us and we are always held in Abundance ,Peace and Grace , manifestating our Future from the heart ( not fear, or lack). Obstacles still arise ,but also the knowing that we can overcome it and there is a reason/ lesson/ knowing still to be learnt.

Only then do we move beyond our Karmic Life Purpose and our Soul Purpose is revealed to us, the vastness and grandeur of which is beyond our wildest imagination.

Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

For one to one Sessions

visit https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/my-services/
Or mail me at devyanisingh9999@gmail.com with your pic in the Now and your timezone


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