Jan 5/6 Eclipse #DivineMasuline #Template from #Andromeda via #AquamarinePortal


I had mentioned in a previous post ( link below) about picking up ” Sonic waves” coming in from Andromeda via the Aquamarine Portal in the lead up to the Jan 5-6Partial Solar Eclipse, which was making the furry animals exibit unusual behaviour.

On further connecting , I was told that these are delivering the New Divine Masculine Template , the Original Divine Masculine Template of Atlantis, that was kept in safe keeping in Andromeda by the Wise Priestesses of Lemuria when the Divine Masculine Template was being corrupted by Ego.

This Divine Masculine Template from Andromeda ( Gold Frequency) is Now being brought back , tempered by the Mother Healing Frequencies of the Aquamarine Portal.


The knowing that I’m getting is that this Divine Masculine Template that is being returned is in it’s purest form, very strong…indeed the strength is shown to me like a Herd of Bisons thundering in!!! This Gold frequency carries high Creative Energies which can be likned to Kundalini Sexual energies rising to a cresendo … indeed I’m seeing my fur ball and other strays riding the wave of heightened sexual energies as if on a super dose of Viagra , excessive energy , low appetite and restlessness….it could be having the similar effect on humans beings also…

AND that is why it is being tempered via the Aquamarine Portal. If you or your pet are feeling uncomfortable during the integration of these codes , call on the Whales/ dolphin beings to bring forth the Aquamarine Codes to temper these Gold Frequencies of the Divine Masculine Template for easier integration .


I also feel an Orion Connection here but still need more information. Also I was shown that these templates will continue to integrate till the closure of this Eclipse Corridor on 21Jan with Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo . This Eclipse will be the last in a while in Leo , bringing to a Climax a string of Eclipses which began on August 18 2016 to move us into our Self Worth, Voice our Authenticity, Soul Expression via aligning with our Creative Soul Gifts and Sovereignity with appropriate boundaries. For it is within these parameters that we will Now Activate the Andromedean / Atlantian Divine Masculine Template.

Be sure to anchor this Template into your Earth Star Chakra. I was shown that while it integrates easiest at the Solar, Root and Sacral could take time. It is also bringing with it healing for the Abandonment wounds, guilt, grief and hurt held in the Chest/ Heart / Ribcage/ Lungs. Plus massive activations at the Throat.

The message in a nutshell “Your Destiny is Unfolding”

I was sent this video ( link below) about an unusual occurance recorded on Jan 3. Don’t know if it’s related to the ” Waves” I saw..but still super interesting. Will also place other link in the comments section.

Link to video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7zuyvEmCxs4&feature=youtu.be

Link to previous post on the ” Sonic waves” https://www.facebook.com/1553735421576695/posts/2271508016466095/

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Gratitude to Artists Unknown


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