Catching the God/ Goddess on the Whisper…


davi-em-oraÇÃoThe 12-21 Goddess Portal of December 2018 gave birth to the New Masculine. 21 December, Solstice, Birth of the Sun/ Son was amid a slight course correction for not only the Masculine but also for the Feminine Energies guiding his ” graduation”. This course correction was to assist us to catch God/ Goddess on the whisper ( so that we are spared the “shout” in future). Solstice hence brought us all on a course correction wrt New Masculine Emerging especially in terms of personal accountability, actions based on integrity , courage to own upto misguided action/ hurt caused , forgivness and the ripple effect that our actions have on a greater collective ( reason for the heaviness that many felt during Solstice )

It also made space for what was to come..The Partial Eclipse of Jan 5/6 brought about an entirely New Template of the Original Atlantean Divine Masculine for integration. This feels NEW and we are having to take our time to integrate these codes coming from Andromeda via the Aquamarine Portal. It can cause disorientation, timeslips, confusion, ungroundedness, despondency, bringing up old hurts,woundings, guilt, abandonment issues, lack of sleep followed by extra sleep for integration. Animals are also feeling this keenly so surround them with the Aquamarine light for easy integration. So many have noticed shifts in relationships with their male partners.

A New Pathway Opens…✨✨✨

Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na

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