Jan 21 Leo Full Moon Eclipse #Sirius #Giza #GalacticFedaration #Atlantis #UnityCodes


I was in session with a White Dolphin Incarnate of the Sapphire Fire of Sirius C where guidance was coming in for her with respect to the 21 Jan Blood Moon Ecplise of Leo,when suddenly I was shown A Blue Pillar of Light ( from Sirius) beaming onto the Giza Pyramid.

This Pillar of Blue Light ( Blue Ray) of Sirius seemed to travel right through ( vertically down) the Giza Pyramid to Gaia’s Inner Sun ( Light Blue in colour). As this Light travelled from the Pyramid downwards I was shown many ” openings ” taking place in a spiral clockwise manner…like Portals were being set into momentum of REopening…21 to be exact.

While I’m not sure what these ” Portal Openings” are exactly , the knowing that came was that Giza is not even operating at 1% of her Potential. These Portal Openings that would be initiated via the Sirius Effect at the time of the Leo Full Moon Ecplise at ZERO Degree would initiate a process where by we will begin to comprehend the ” Purpose” of Giza Pyramid in particular it’s Inter Galactic Connection/ Transmission/ Teleportation / Portal abilities. This is specifically relevant and important in the NOW to the 21 Galactic Representatives of Star Nations attached with the Galactic Federation wrt what they are hoping to establish and anchor on Gaia.





The Inner Sun of Gaia is Activating. Some are even seeing glimpses of this NOW. The Old Stories are being shed like Snake Skin in lightning fashion. Physical aches/ hurts/ fractures/ inflammation suddenly appearing?!?…these are the physical manifestation of the Emotional baggage of the Old Stories that have to be RELEASED NOW!! Repeat…Do It Now!!

interior sun image

The Atlantean Balance/ Unity Codes are being Activated for Society to rise as Balanced Masculine+ Feminine ( Shiv – Shakti). To remind you that Shiva is the Monad of the Blue Ray , he is the Shiva -Shakti ie Balanced Masculine and Feminine. Sirius is the Tri Star Nation ( Sirius A ( lion and feline beings) + Sirius B + Sirius C ( Merbeings+ Whales+ Dolphins) that is leading this Trinity Year (2019).

The Atlantean Balance / Unity Codes will be assisted via the 21 Star Nations ( aligned with the Galactic Federation). First in this series were the Sonic Pulses/ Waves/ Booms that preceded the Jan 5/6 Eclipse . These originated in Andromeda and were sourced via the Aquamarine Portal of the “Inner Sun”. Feeling the heat ( warmth) even though it’s winter’s?!?!…it’s coz the Inner Sun is Now throwing it’s weight behind our Physical Sun.

Tri Star Nation of Sirius of the Blue ( masculine)+ Magenta ( feminine)+ Violet ( blue + magenta)… ( Trinity) to be in Full Force on 21 Leo Full Moon Eclipse. Riding on the Capricorn Eclipse ( 5/6 Jan) ” structures/ institutions” aligning with Fallen Atlantis/ Patriachy will be rattled. The Ancient Atlantean Wisdom Keepers are Stirring…coming on line. This also refers to places aligned with Ancient Atlantis ( in and around the Atlantic ocean). Intrestingly this is where the Eclipse will also be visible. The Wisdom Keepers of Ancient Atlantis will bring in their Technology as well, which they saw the misuse off in a biased way in Atlantis leading to it’s downfall. Release that GUILT Atlantean Wisdom Keepers…it’s Time to write your NEW STORIES but Be sure to RELEASE (heal) your Old Stories , coz facts will now get stranger than fiction….


Ok, additional information coming in, it’s 21 around 1, hence total 22 Star Nations




Part 2

19 Jan 2019

Leo Eclipse #Kundalini #Balance #Unity #Codes #Transmutation1cc608429a541862e968941c772fc749--image-zen-zen-house

Oh my!!! Really feeling the effects of this Eclipse already. It’s produced a spontaneous Kundalini Rising and Firing which produced INTENSE HEAT of Transmutation within my body. Despite outside temperature reading at 8° my t-shirt was drenched in sweat, eye sight shifted from physical sight to Third Eye Sight and everything looked Sepia Golden hued and high pitched frequencies kept ringing in my ears the whole while. Intrestingly the Kundalini flowed Crown downwards.

This Eclipse has a powerful role to play in
anchoring the Balancing/ Unity Codes of Masculine and Feminine energies for Manifestation of the Third Energy of Creation. Eclipse of Jan 5/ 6 has been bringing to our attention all that needs to be cast off , which we can no longer carry with us and Jan 21 Eclipse bringing in the Transmutative Fires to burn out the junk.img_20190119_162606
As mentioned in my previous post that I was shown the Blue Violet Transmutive Fires of Sirius burning right through the Pyramid of Giza , connecting into the Inner Sun of Gaia reopening the 21 ( around 1) Portal Openings . Yesterday I was shown the etheric Chambers of Horus in the Giza Pyramid bathed in the Aquamarine Light again( had been shown this image two years back during the Sun Sirius Conjunction ).img_20190119_125228_401

Horus is the Third Energy of Creation and Manifestation. The Divine Feminine Energies are hard to miss wether the Aquamarine Mother Healing Frequencies or the Magenta Mary Magdalene frequencies . Many women will have their moon cycles aligned with the Blood Moon..

Also the numbers 12 around 1 and 21 around 1 coming up repeatedly along with the Double Infinity Sapphire Blue Fire of Sirius. Both indicative of Mirror Image symbology / As Above So Below and a direct connection to what was birthed During the Kali Goddess Portal of December 12-21 and the Masculine Correction/ realignment it brought in on Solstice .

The Leo- Aquarius Eclipse series which began with an “Almost” penumbral lunar eclipse on 18 August 2016 is singing it’s Swan Sing on Jan 21. It has been on a course correction path for us to reclaim our True Voice, Soul Gifts of Creation, Heart path of Integrity laced with dollops of Courage to reclaim our Sovereignity from the 3D matrix. Now armed with our Gifts and Talents it bows out for the next 19 yrs on Zero Degree…Clean slate for a New Journey with the Gifts it helped us reclaim in this 2 year period. No, it wasn’t gift wrapped…but sure was worth every moment of it!!!lion_snow_big_cat_127013_938x1668

So as we buckle up for this Show Stopper of a Eclipse in Leo …here’s to a New Journey , a New Page, A New Chapter…actually a Whole New Book of Adventure of Lion Hearted Passion , Zest, Zeal and Courage!!

(And as I finish writing this the time is 12:12😍…my physical body is weak from all the spontaneous Kundalini Activation so will reply to the emails once I’m able to….thank you for your patience.)



Part 3

23 Jan

It’s A CrossPoint… Suspended Animation


As I sat , in broad daylight, to connect with the Leo Moon pulling off a spectacular show in another part of the world …I felt immense BLISS and PEACE simply wash over me. It placed me in a bubble ,a cocoon of Nothingness..just Calm , Peace and Detachment.

I knew without an iota of doubt that the Old is Gone. And I’m in an unfamiliar space of Detachment…. detachment from ALL that I considered to be part of my identity , my concerns, things I considered ” important”, things that drove and directed my attention and actions. And an intense need to preserve this calm and peace within this bubble of detachment!!!

A NEW PURPOSE seems to be materialising…not alarming different to what I had imagined my earlier purpose to be…let’s say the old purpose is now a sub set with minor alterations to a New Set that is Emerging…can’t see it yet..but the pathways are revealing themselves..one step at a time..

And it indicates a New Inner Journey is in store as it requires Transformations that have yet not been acquired. A Cross- Point.

And it is SUPER QUICK on the Manifestation and the “Testing”…almost Instantaneous!!! I was given a taste of this during the Blood Moon Eclipse Meditation itself.

I know I’m Now recquired to be in Total Awarness in every nano second, Walk my Talk with Integrity in every step …. as I said the ” Tests” are instantaneous!! Modifications, alterations are recquired NOW on this New Path, this new Journey that seems to beckon….some more excess baggage will need to be shed of identity, ego, beliefs, judgements, attachments …and whatever else the journey demands.

We have tasted Shunya, Zero Point , even if it was for just micro milli second…and it has shown us that the Potentials of Wisdom are unlimited….potentials of Magic/ Manifestation…Potential/ purpose of Human Experience/ Existance….

May we surrender to this New Journey of Light with the Highest Integrity, Grit, Courage and Grace….

Now back to this Now: While it’s easy to see the Old fall away in the etheric Fields, it’s not so easy in our 3d reality. Yes, the Blood Moon Eclipse brought us to ZERO Point…a slate wiped clean… The Sun, Moon and Earth locked together in a Line with Sun and Moon both at Zero degrees of Aquarius and Leo ..Zero Point…and here the veils lifted and unprecedented assistance from the 12 (=3) and the 21 (=3) Star Nations and Families poured in to press the RESET on the Records held in The Inner Sun,in Amenti. The Inner Sun is coming Online.

So while we have been given this Cosmic / Galactic help/ assistance / intervention it is upto US to make it a reality in out 3D illusionary reality. You WILL BE tested on  how well you have LET GO of the old Karmic/ Ancestral Lineage and Limitations/ Beliefs you carry. If you Engage…you haven’t Let Go..and it continues as part of your reality… and your physical body will intimate you instantly..the aches and pains that you carry are the physical manifestations of the Old karmic ,ancestral lineage and limitations/ beliefs.

YOU have Free Will of Choice…use your choices wisely, place your ATTENTION on the New ..NOT the Old… NEW ways of BEing, DOing, SEEing, ACTing….continue with your old ways of being..then you continue on your old path..it’s a CrossPoint…

Presently we are in a phase of Suspended Animation as we decide on a Soul Level which path to take.

Be Light , Inlight ✨🔱✨


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#Eclipse #Leo #FullMoon #Zero #Sirius #Giza #Pyramid #Portals #InnerSun #kundalini #solstice #masculine #course correction

#InnerSun #Amenti #Records #Karmic #Lineage #zeropoint #crosspoint



#Leo #FullMoon #Zero #Sirius #Giza #Pyramid #Portals #GalacticFedaration #InnerSun #Andromeda #Sonic #Pulses #Atlantis #Balance #Unity #Codes


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