Are we playing on LOOP repeatedly?? Part 1



Cosmic events presently are providing us tremendous assistance in aligning with our spiritual gifts and powers. We are able to recall past lifetimes, our gifts and powers therein , the wounds and misdeeds (karma) that we carry as energetic imprints from lifetimes past which have very real manifestations in our present reality as limitations or conditionings which we recquire to overcome to align with our Spiritual gifts and powers.

The more we align with our spiritual gifts ( clairvoyance, Clairsentience etc) the more we realise that we are not separate from Divine Source, and actually carry the Divine Spark within us. We are Spirit/ Light beings, travellers of the Cosmos , who have had many cosmic experiences/ lifetimes on other stars and galaxies….and have presently opted to have a human experience on Earth.

We are having a human experience on Earth where “time ” is measured in Past Present Future . Many of us clairvoyants have “seen” multiple timelines as a cobweb of “Light ” threads all over Earth and the “Node Points” where these parallel timelines Converge allowing a jump into another/ higher timeline…many of us have felt/ experienced these jumps as well.

So it is safe to say that multiple / parallel timelines exist . Infact for every situation a HIGHER choice/ timeline/ senario exists!! ( Choice becomes a function of Karma ..but that’s another topic..)

We also know we are entering a “time” of great Spiritual Awakening, wherein all beings will be operating on their spiritual powers of alchemy and Manifestation. And so once again Lemuria will rise , and Atlantis will these were the epitomes of periods of great Spiritual Awarness and Enlightenment.

But wait.!!! These great civilization FELL..their supreme spiritual supremacy could not prevent an annihilation..and not ONLY ONCE.. and “knowing” comes in that they “Fell” multiple times..over and over and over..

Are we playing on loop ???

If spiritual supremacy could not prevent a downfall earlier , what makes us think we can prevent it from happening in future as we go hurtling up the Ascension spiral spinning off lower vibrations and karma and acquiring higher knowings ,gifts and powers. Is this why we are so Soul tired ??


Are we caught in a never ending loop of birth and death in this illusionary place called Earth. We certainly remember innumerable lifetimes here. Lifetimes in Glorious Atlantis/ Lemuria/ Egypt / Babylon / Avalon, lifetimes in Atlantis / Lemuria Falling, lifetimes of utter dispare and darkness…. What are we missing ???

Why does the Cosmos repeatedly bring us to Zero Point at Eclipses, Solstice, Equinox..

Could it be hinting at something?? We know Zero Point is the convergence of all timelines…past ,present, future, alternate, multiple, parallel.. into an eternal NOW.

Can we Not as a Collective ” CHOOSE” a higher timeline …a timeline where Atlantis/ Lemuria etc Do NOT Fall instead of playing on loop this particular timeline ( remember past / future is an Earth construct only).

Aim is not to achieve New Earth or Atlantis Rising or Lemuria Rising( it has risen and fallen multiple times)…aim is to take Earth and it’s Sentient beings to it’s spiritual peak and SUSTAIN It.. and get Off the Fall and Rise Loop timeline and eventually get off the Death and Rebirth Loop on this planet of illussions and continue to be the Cosmic travellers that we are.

And therein lies the importance of ZERO POINT CONSCIOUSNESS Field.


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Link to Playing on Loop Part 2


Link to Part 3

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