Playing on Loop- PART 2


Free Will and Manifestation of Highest Timeline , Year of DIVINE TRINITY

( Please read part 1 at link below)

So we have established that some of us might be playing on loop , repetitive cycles of birth and death, rising and falling of Lemuria/ Atlantis and that NOW we need to align with the Timeline of New Earth not only at a higher frequency but , continued and sustained at higher and higher frequencies in every ETERNAL NOWS. No more deluges, no more falling of Lemuria / Atlantis…we have done this Merry go round dance way too often.!!! ( that’s why the feeling of deja Vu ever so often)

I say ” some” of us , coz not all of us are on this loop. I have met and worked with ancient beings who “come ” at TURNING POINTS such as NOW to assist with the QUANTUM LEAP. YESS!!! The Ancient Beings walk among us , unobtrusively … without badges or titles… ( I mention this for a reason…)

So How Do We CHOOSE the Highest Timeline Available.

In every NOW moment there are “N” number of choices/ timelines/ scenarios available ranging from the lowest vibration to the Highest Vibration. While We have FREE WILL of CHOICE of scenario/ timeline , existing in a particular scenario we can’t change the happenings…ie once we choose a scenario this IS OUR REALITY for all intents and purposes , if we don’t like it we need to jump to a higher timeline which is more to our liking.

Ok. So Free Will is not that ” Free” after all..we are Free to Choose our timeline and once in it have to abide by it. Fair enough.

As an OBSERVER if you exit ( dreams, astral travels) a timeline you will ” see” them playing out continuously and simultaneously. We choose different timelines in dreams, astral travels etc. Any senario that you imagine/ wish for is there…don’t like a dream ..come out and choose another senario and watch it play out.

So let’s exercise Free Will and CHOOSE another timeline of New Earth at it’s Highest Frequency and NOT of a continuous loop of rise and fall of Atlantis/ Lemuria timeline that we seem to be in presently.

A simple Question of CHOICE…ahh..well again not so simple ,just like Free Will is Not So Free…




Manifestation: That’s the key word, the process of alchemy and Transmutation that we are hoping to achieve. Manifestation ie the Third Aspect of Creation ,The Holy Child Aspect..the Divine TRINITY Aspect….

*Mother / Father / Holy Child

*Triple Goddess Isis/ Kali/ Hathor Awakening/ Protection cum Destruction/ Manifestation

*Brahma/ Vishnu/ Shiva = Creation/ Preservation/ Destruction

We are in a year of 3 NOW!!!

So How do we Manifest: That is the Billion Dollar Question is it Not!?!…

To be continued…. ✨🔱✨

Link for Part 1

Link for Part 3

Be Light , Inlight ✨🔱✨


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