Playing on Loop Part 3 :Exiting the Matrix


Zero Point gives us the chance to jump timelines of our Choice in alignment with what we wish to achieve / embody/ experience. Whether we achieve the desired jump depends on our Light Quotient ie the higher the frequency we want to align with, the higher our Light Quotient needs to be. In other words the more LIGHT filled our Energy Field or Light Body. This means it carries little or no densities of lower Human attributes like anger, revenge, unforgivness, jealousies etc.

Another significant rider is our Karmic Debt. Lower the Karmic Debt , lighter our fields and higher our Light Quotient. It means we have paid our Karmic Debts and learnt our lessons.

There is a Third rider also. It has to do with why we , Light Sparks of the Divine , CHOOSE to have a Human Earth Experience as Spirit/ Spiritual beings opting for a earthly human experience. Some came to participate in Atlantis/ Lemuria to experience Divinity via separation. Some came as navigating through this planets illusionary nature ( Maya) qualifies them for double/ triple graduation ( in soul progression) in double quick time . Some came to “experience ” the “pleasures” this planet offers…Whatever the reason or reasons , the jump in the timeline you wish for needs to be aligned with the reason you chose for embodiment.

Given that we are Spiritual beings having a Human Experience , with multiple lifetimes in very high and very low Vibrational frequencies, we ALL have a repitoir of Spiritual Skills and Gifts of Alchemy , Transcendence, The Clair’s ( clairvoyance etc) as well some excess baggage of Karma .

Cosmic influences presently are greatly providing us assistance to constantly align with our gifts of lifetimes past and release the excess baggage of Karma. In fact the Eclipse of 21 Jan , had Cosmic Star Council’s that facilitated a Reset on the Karmic Records of Amenti of the Inner Sun. NEVER BEFORE has SO MUCH assistance been provided…

Never before have so many Ancient Beings and Diamond Children congregated on Earth ….as if to leave no stone unturned to ensure that We Succeed.


We have ALL held Powers/ Titles of Supreme important in various Timelines of Atlantis/ Lemuria/ Avalon/ Babylon/ Egypt….performed Feats of Wonder using our Spiritual Skills and Gifts…after all we ARE spiritual Light Beings in human incarnation.

Why then such tremendous effort to assist us in successfully align with timeline of New Earth/ Atlantis Rising/ Lemuria Rising when we have succeeded in aligning with even higher Dimensional timelines.

It’s because we are Stuck in a Loop of Rising and Falling dimensional vibrations . Atlantis Rises and eventually FALLS. Lemuria Rises and then FALLS….

AND we are hence unable to EXIT the Earth Matrix of Birth and Rebirth. We came here on FREE WILL but we are stuck in a never ending loop.

How is possible that such Spiritual Beings of Supreme Divine and Spiritual Skills , Light Sparks of Divine Source are unable to exit this Maya ( illusionary) Matrix of Earth.

We have done this Merry Go Round dance enough times ( that feeling of deja Vu that I’ve done this before) , we are Ascended Masters many times over..

It is the Maya Jal ( trap of illussions) which keeps us in a constant loop…and this is what we NEED TO TRANSCEND this time around with unparalleled Cosmic Support literally hand holding us…

It’s the Trap of Ego, Identity, and Attachment that even the most Spiritual Beings fall into. Quick..what does your Spiritual CV read like..You know you have one..Priestess of “X” , Keeper of “Y” , Guardian of ” Z” etc etc ( I have one!!)

The Spiritual CV isn’t false. It True..we did/ have/ are fulfilling the exact roles mentioned their in.

But we got/ get ” ATTACHED ” to our IDENTITY ..both of which are Gatekeepers of EGO. Once EGO’s a solid camper…it refuses to leave… it misuses the Spiritual Gifts for ” SELF SERVING ” purposes and NOT the Greatest Good of All. IT CURRUPTS AND ERODES!!  It  BINDS you to the MATRIX of Birth and Rebirth.It weighs down the LightBody , decreases the Light Quotient and hence can’t pass through the Matrix.

It happened over and over in Atlantis/ Lemuria ..Divine Spiritual Skills misused and abused. This is also where Forces Not of Light Infiltrate your field and Light body.

This is the Trap that keeps us in a Loop…

Let’s keep Identity , Attachment and EGO at arm’s length and just BE the Light Beings we Are… and QUANTUM LEAP TO NEW EARTH, And Out of the Loop of Rising and Falling and Birth and Rebirth of this matrix.

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Be Light , Inlight ✨🔱✨

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