Venus at Throat Chakra on Jan 31


Venus / Inanna reaches Third Gate of Communication at Throat/ Thyroid/ Thymus Chakra on 31 January. Here she removes her Lapis Lazuli necklace and hands it to the gatekeeper of the Underworld symbolising the release of the ways she has silenced/ subdued/ deviated her Truth , true Authenticity and Light.

Mostly it is women who face Thyroid imbalances as they were forced to hide or silence their true voice. We journey with Venus at Third Gate of Communication asking her to assist us in releasing all Blocks, Woundings, Limitations and Distortions so that we may speak our Truth loud and Clear for our Self Empowerment and to assist others in doing the same.

We seek her assistance in keeping our Thymus Chakra, our portal to the Divine clear of all Distortions so that our Voice brings forth only the Highest Love and Light and Wisdom.

” Before you speak , let your words pass through three gates

Is it True

Is it Necessary

Is it Kind”



This image by shows a lively meeting of up the Moon and Venus with Jupiter, Saturn and Antares for audience.

Decorate your Venus Grid with Lapiz Lauzli , blue flowers, sing /chant as we surrender to release that which no longer serves.

Catch this Venus as Libra MetaGoddess journey here


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