Tread Lightly Into The LIGHT ( Playing on Loop -4)


We have turned a corner with the 21 Jan Eclipse and its magnitude and far reaching implications will be revealed in time.

Many of us simply ” know” that it’s our last incarnation here on Earth. We have taken innumerable turns with it on a roller coaster ride of high and low vibrations, we have partaken the many pleasures she provides as a result of human embodiment and we have one last purpose before we exit the time space continuum…achieve high Vibrational frequencies for ourselves individually then collectively and hence for Gaia.

High Vibrational frequencies are ” LIGHT” figuratively and in the real sense.

LIGHT carries no baggage of Ego, Identity, Attachments ( attachment with detachment in practical reality), Titles ( which can actually prove to be rather limiting ) , Judgements or lower Vibrational Emotions or negative Karma.

“LIGHT” shines through Joy, Happiness, Laughter, Love, Devotion, Empathy, Compassion, Kindness, Honesty, Simplicity, Authenticity and Genuineness.

Wear your Badges / identities “LIGHTly”. We define ourselves by our work, our skills whether creative, intellectual or spiritual. Don’t confuse proficiency in skill sets ( yes even spiritual skills) with “LIGHTness “/ EnLightnment of your Soul Spark. Gifts/ skills are our legacy ( positive karma)  we bring forth from past lifetimes as are Karmic Debts ( negative karma)  . Wield your Spiritual / Creative/ Intellectual gifts with a hand tainted with Pride and Ego …it will metamorphosis into a Karmic Debt!!!

“LIGHT ” needs no just IS ..LIGHT… The simple basics.. don’t take yourself too seriously…just BE.. and you’ll slip through any time space continuum Zero Point provides..

Tread “LIGHTly” into the LIGHT…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Be Light , Inlight ✨🔱✨

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