INFINITY PORTALS :Call for Portal Openers



Ascension Flu anyone??


I had posted in June 2018 about the opening of wormholes and the Infinity Portals which began with the Gemini New Moon. (Link at bottom) .

I had not understood much at that time  as to what I was being shown. As infomation keeps trickling in ,I’m beginning to connect a few dots.

The knowing is that 8 INFINITY Portals are to open in the Inner Sun of Gaia in Agartha. These open as wormholes to other Galaxies and Star Systems which then send in their LIGHT which activates the Inner Sun in our Consciousness and this results in a greater connection with The Galactic Sun of Zero Point which is our passport to co Creation of New Higher Dimensional Earth.

The more Infinity Portals that Open, the Greater Energetic charging of the Inner Sun, the Greater the Electro Magnetic changes of Earth which have a direct effect on the Solar Activity of Earth Sun.( Yes , we also influence the sun via our change in  vibrational Consciousness)

Now presently we have facing lots of Solar Activity from our Earth Sun and this is being experienced by us as mild to severe Ascension Flu Symptoms. FLU symptoms much???

This can be attributed to the fact that there was renewed activity in the Inner Sun’s Aquamarine Portal preceding   the Jan 5 Eclipse . A series of Sonic    Booms were initiated by the Wormhole of Andromeda bringing in the Golden Light.under-water-Temple-72dpi-20cm

Then the Jan 21 Eclipse activated the Sirius INFINITY PORTAL to Inner Sun with the collaboration of the 6+7= 13 (12 around 1) plus the 9 of The Council of Light  making it a total of the 22 Galaxies and Star Nations  ( 21 around 1) . Still need clarity on whether the 13 are part of the 22 or separate.

However  the knowing since the Eclipse  was that the Portal work was still incomplete. In a recently concluded session I was shown that the Third Aspect of the INFINITY PORTALS has now been initiated. This opens the Pathways ( wormholes) of the Silver Platinum Light. During the session I was shown this Silver Platinum Wormholes  connected the Inner Earth with Arcturus and  Pleiades .There are 7 Stars Systems of the Silver Platinum Light. 6 StarSystems of the Golden Light.

There are a Total of 8 INFINITY PORTALS which will be Activated by the end of this year. There is an element of Mirror Effect also which I don’t understand yet. As mentioned before this brings the INNER SUN more into our Consciousness (even physical view of some) and thereby facilitates a greater Connection to the Galactic Sun of Zero Point Consciousness , our ticket to New Gaia ( see this connection in the post about Playing on loop Part 1,2,3,4 particularly part 3….link below)

Also the knowing that came in this recently concluded session was that  that as we turn a major corner with the 21 Jan Eclipse ,we are Quantum jumping into the Next Phase of our Purpose. Many will be aligning with the urgent need to act as PORTAL OPENERS to HOLD SPACE for the opening of these 8 INFINITY PORTALS .

This New Wave of Portal Openers are being assisted by their Galactic higher Aspects from these 22 Star Nations. Infact I definitely picked up a lot of urgency on the part of the Galactics to get the Starseeds to NOW align with their higher ET Aspects to facilitate the New Incoming Golden And Silver Platinum Light at the Aquamarine Portal of the INNER SUN.

We have begun the New Upswing…many will be recquired to participate ( upgrade) as Portal Openers, Gatekeepers, Crystalline Grid Frequency Keepers etc Now. The “POWER” of the LIGHT coming in through these Portal is almost “Nuclear” in impact..I felt immediately dehydrated as I assisted my client to hold space as a Portal Opener despite the multitude  supportive presence of  aquamarine Merbeings, White and Golden Dolphins and a galaxy of other beings.

Onward Ho…✨🔱✨


Link to Infinity Portal of June 2018

Link to Playing on Loop 3

Be Light , INLight✨🔱✨

For one to one Sessions

Or mail me at with your pic in the Now and your timezone

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