Mirror Image Part 1 :Split of the Ego Timelines 2019-2020

infinity_mirror_room-47-126339Split of the Ego Timelines 2019-2020


Moving along at warp speed towards the culmination of the Ego timeline split in time happening since 21:12:2012. Over the past 6-7 years we have been slowly and gradually releasing timelines which no longer resonate be it wrt relationship timeline/ career timelines etc and moving into timelines more aligned with higher Vibrational frequencies.

2019 will see this trend reach it’s highest octave so far, particularly in releasing the Ego Timelines that have had us in loop of birth , death and Rebirth on this planet . ( See post on Playing on Loop Parts 1-4).

We are Now at the final stages of dissociating from the Conditioned Mind/ Ego Timelines of outward projections/ reactionary state of Being into the Heart and Third Eye led Timelines. This is a split not exactly conducive to  Matrix controller aspects which thrive on  a Polarity driven Reactive/ triggered consciousness and hence we are getting a stupendous amount of Cosmic support in the same.

As mentioned in my post about the INFINITY PORTALS, the Heart of Gaia, the Inner Sun is Now coming online with the portals/ Wormholes with the 22 Galactic Council StarNations activating via the Infinity Portals opening in the Inner Sun of Agartha.

This brings us further along on an higher octave  of frequency to vibrate with our Agarthans and other Star Nations and our Galactic Sun …ie Zero Point Consciousness. This is Heart Centred consciousness and living. We operate from our Inner GPS/ third eye insights which fuels  heart based actions and state of being.ie far removed from the blame games of victim consciousness that the Ego Timelines of entrapment have had us playing on Loop. BEING in Conscious Awarness vs DOING of Ego / Mind construct.

We are moving across the veil and bringing the Mirror Image on line ie our reality is shifting from the Ego reality we perceive as “normal” reality to the Mirror Image / beyond the veil reality.

As Above , So Below

As Within, So Without

There is a new language in which numbers are communicating with me now…the Mirror Image language 12:21, 03:03, 07:07, 1441, 8888, 11:22, 11:33…..it’s slightly different from the angel numbers we have been guided by so far….

I was shown this diagram in my medication ( below in pics). The Heart of Gaia is being Activated, which in turn activated our Heart and High Heart Centre so that we move out of the Ego/ victim timelines into the Heart/ Master Timelines.

The Pyramid was shown to me as a mirror image, with a etheric downward facing  aspect , which together then align with the Heart of Gaia, Inner Sun.  Also getting a strong connection to the Orion Portal which will have a major role to play in the splitting of the Ego Timelines. Ancient Ones will be activating Portals in the Sacred Sites of Gaia ( like Giza) for the Infinity Portals to Activate and the Separation of the Ego Timelines for Heart Centred/ Third Eye Timelines to be firmly anchored.

Use discernment when interfacing with happenings reported in the 3d matrix!!! The Ego Timelines have keep us on Loop for far too long. Cosmic forces are aligning for us to make this Quantum Leap out of this Matrix in this year of 2019. The 3d Matrix will do everything possible to play us on loop. Remember Third Eye and Heart Based knowing leads the way…

Winter Solstice will see this process at a culmination point.


Be Light, InLight ✨🔱✨

Link to Infinity Portals

Link to Playing on Loop 3 link


Mirror Image 2


Mirror Image Part 3


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  1. Maria Deesy says:

    Thank you! I’ve been working with numbers for years and a few months back they changed to the mirror numbers. This is such a validation of what I’m receiving, feeling and knowing to be. I’m grateful for your sharings. 🙏🏻✨💖✨

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  2. YESS!!! Numbers are communicating with us in a new way…still learning this new language… we are so supported at all time✨🔱❤


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