Mirror Image Part 2 :Galactic Sun/ Sirius/ Orion => Pyramid+ Sphinx=> Inner Sun / Amenti / Aquamarine Portals

IMG_20190209_120547Mirror Image

Galactic Sun/ Sirius/ Orion => Pyramid+ Sphinx=> Inner Sun / Amenti / Aquamarine Portals


I was given some more clarity on the Mirror Image Reality that we are interfacing with now , as shown in the diagram below.

Sirius has 3 stars.

Sirius A of the Leonine and Feline race (  Fire aspect)

Sirius C of the Merbeings, dolphins, whales. ( Water aspect)

Sirius B. Now I’ve not ” met” anybeing that has confirmed they are from Sirius B , but I have worked with a Blue Winged Human Avain who told me home planet was Sirius. It believe it would be Sirius B. ( Human/ Air Aspect)

Now in my meditation I was shown the connection between Sirius ( A,B,C) and the SPHINX.

Now we know that Sphinx has the following aspects . Leo represents the Element of Fire,Taurus is Earth, Scorpio is Water and Aquarius is Air. It’s Fifth element is the Akashik Records at Amenti. Pls check out this link for greater understanding on this aspect of the Sphinx



So we have a Mirror Image Mapping of Sirius =>Sphinx =>Akashik Hall of Records at AMENTI. ( Recall recent Jan Eclipse of Leo did a reset on the Akashik Records so that we may ALL align with our Purpose NOW with minimal baggage).

Further  I was shown how the Aquamarine Infinity Portal is connected to one of the Orion Stars/ sisters which further links to Antares and Andromeda. Infomation on Orion => Antares=> Andromeda is available on this link  https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/new-moon-gemini-vision-andromeda-diamond-lightgrids-portal-reopening-22/

Now the connection shown to me was Sirius C( BLACK Hole) => Orion star=> Aquamarine Portal ( Aquamarine + Gold Light) .ie Wormhole from Andromeda, Antares and for the Gold Light to Anchor in the Aquamarine Portal. There are 6 Stars/ galaxies of the Gold Light interfacing with Aquamarine Portal of Gold Light.

Then  I was shown another connection between Sirius B => Orion Star => Masculine WHITE Hole Portal Counterpart to the Feminine Aquamarine Portal .This brings in Silver Light. There are 7 of these Stars/ galaxies bringing in the Silver Platinum Light. Further information at this link https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/infinity-portals-call-for-portal-openers/


( 6+7=13 Council of 13)

Still many many  dots to be connected with the White Portal of Amenti and much more information recquired on the Orion Stargate.

But this is the Mirror Image of Galactic Sun / Sirius/ Orion VIA Pyramids+ Sphinx TO the Mirror Image of Inner Sun of Agartha/ Amenti/ Aquamarine Infinity Portals.

As Above, So Below

About the numbers mentioned in the previous post

11:22=> Building New Earth with our Cosmic Assistance of our Cosmic Stars/ Galaxies

11:33=> Sirius/ Orion connection


Mirror Image 3



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