As Above So Below As Within So Without


Mirror Image Part 3


The Aquamarine Masculine Aspect  White Hole Portal of the Divine   Feminine Silver/ Platinum Light ( from Pleiadian, Arcturus and  others of 7 Star Nations of Silver Light)  is NOW OPEN . This is to be  an ongoing process( opening of the 8 INFINITY PORTALS) but the initial Light is NOW being released.( Foundation was laid in October 2018)

Note it’s the Masculine counterpart of the Feminine Aquamarine Portal of the Divine Masculine Gold Light ( from Andromeda, Antares and others of the 6 Gold Light Star Nations)  . A bit of Feminine present in a Masculine Portal and Divine Masculine Energy Present in a Feminine Portal…think in terms of the Yin Yang Symbol. ( See Mirror Image Posts 1&2 for greater clarity)


This Portal is unleashing Laser like Feminine Light of Silver Platinum to assist with the release of Timelines of trauma, torture, grief, loss, abandonment etc of the abused Divine Feminine in timelines of witch/ healer hunting of Shadow Patriarchy. Channel this Silver/ Platinum Feminine Light to clear, release and heal these timelines and chakras ( Root,Sacral and Heart).

The Aquamarine  Portal   of the Gold Masculine Light from Andromeda opened in the lead up to the 5 Jan Eclipse ( rumblings began on Winter Solstice December 21 2018). The Sirius /Sphinx / Akashik Records Connection (  central connection) was given a Quantum boost on the 21Jan Eclipse.

We Now have some clearance of portals and pathways for the establishment of the Infinity Energy / Mirror Image/ As Above So Below Energy Pathways. Masculine/ Feminine/ Central TRINITY PATHWAYS are now up and functional. You will NOW feel a greater Connection/ grounding into the Inner Sun of Agartha. As mentioned, lots more portals are to be opened in this year of Trinity . Many lighworkers newely Awakening to their Soul Purpose are being pulled into immediate positions of Portal Openers.

Portal Openers always need to be mindful of Protection Techniques while engaging in portal work as they are recquired to anchor/ blast their Light to remove densities/ darkness to open pathways for the Light. So both Dark and Light are being released. Send all densities to Source Light for Transmutation.

Notice in the diagram instead of the Pyramids it’s labeled as Me/ We ( mirror image) . Pyramids= We/ Me . As With, So Without.

As much is being released along with your own Clearings PLEASE use this Light to clear Gaia of her discordant Timelines and Densities and Traumas  with the intention of aligning with her Highest Diamond Timeline. We are    are being given unprecedented cosmic assistance to Quantum Leap the Loop of lower Vibrational frequencies for Gaia and Us Collectively. This is a COLLECTIVE COLLABORATION . It has to be done along with Gaia and not individually. We are in it together with Mother Gaia.

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