VENUS As The Guiding Force of The New FOUNDATIONS Timelines #GateofAuthority #4:4:4 #MaryMagdelene ROSE PORTAL

Screenshot_20200327-220744~2VENUS As The Guiding Force of The New FOUNDATIONS Timelines #GateofAuthority #4:4:4 #MaryMagdelene ROSE PORTAL


The current  Venus / Inanna Synodic cycle,  which began  with the Helical Rising of Venus/ Inanna as Morning Star as Libra MetaGoddess on 1:11:11 ( Nov 1 ,2018) reaches its Final Gateway tomorrow ( 28 March ) at Gate of Authority  at Crown Charka. She will traverse through this Gateway for a month before going retrograde and dissapearing from the Evening Sky to once again start a new cycle as Morning Star in June.


At Gate of Authority,Venus/ Inanna Retrives her Golden Crown, taking her rightful place as Queen of Heaven and Earth. It is the Final Gate on the journey of RE-Empowerment and ReBirth on her Ascension Journey, as She grows in Strength and Brightness of her Light evident in the Evening Sky as the Evening Star. At Crown Chakra she completes her reconnection to Heaven, her Spiritual Self and her Divine Goddess Light.

Interestingly ,in two consecutive sessions this week itself Venus has shown up as The CENTRAL FULCRUM associated with The NEW FOUNDATIONS Timelines Lightworkers are currently busy with and which will be registered on an Etheric level on 4:4:4. Even more interesting was the fact VENUS was the common Link in the two very different sessions with respect to the clients Original timelines , Soul Purpose and Gifts and Talents.

One was High Priestess of the Original 22 ( which later decreased to 12) Lemurian Temples of The Diamond Platinum Light which were originally connected to the 22Star Nations ( Consciousness of 22 Now coming online to assist with Gaia’s New Timeline) and the 8 year ROSE PENTAGRAM of Venus/ Inanna Showed up as the Symbol for the Establishment of the Full Reconnection of the 144 facets of the 12 Lemurian Crystal Temples of the Central Platinum/ Diamond Flame. Once all the 144 facets are activated then the 13 Dimension assists with the reconnection of the others so that all 22 stand fully activated as in the Ancient Lemurian Timeline. This is the Blueprint for the next decade of 2020 (2020-2029). The ROSE PENTAGRAM  is presently being activated and strengthening in Power and Light as all the High Priestess of the many timelines activate their respective facet of the 144, and by the White Whales and Dolphin beings further connecting into the Flower of Life Light Grid.

The other was a High Priestess of Mary Magdalene’s Order of The Scarlet Rose in a timeline when the Order was being persecuted and had to go underground so the teachings/ Wisdom were Ethericly placed in Symbols of Light Language and uploaded onto a FOUR PETALED ROSE and sent for safe keeping to the Star of Venus. These Priestess, many of whom are also associated with the Order of the Blue Rose of The White Brotherhood of Melchizedek ( Blue Rose is native to Venus), work primarily with Light Language Symbols and are Downloading this  Ancient Wisdom held in the Four Petaled Rose ( in safe keeping on Venus) Now, so that this ANCIENT WISDOM of the Divine Feminine as represented by Venus / Inanna/ Ishtar of Ancient Sumerian Timelines can be brought forth as the FOUNDATION that needs to be Established in the current decade.

The KEY ATTRIBUTES that form these Foundations were given as



COURAGE – Taking Guided ACTION with Courage

SURRENDER ( after taking Action from a space of Truth, Courage and Integrity…Surrendering the Need to control the outcome)


SELF EMPOWERMENT – One who Stands Sovereign and Independent in their OWN Source of Wisdom  and Co Create from This Independent Source of Wisdom via Action.


INCLUSION- CoCreation where the inter relationships of Gaia, ALL her Sentient Beings and Resources is recognised and revered.

So VENUS Playing a SIGNIFICANT ROLE in the Foundation that we are Recquired to Cocreate Now. Also note that Venus as Inanna represents the FIERCE FEMININE Aspect of the Divine Feminine whose main export is ACTION IN COURAGE . The coming decade is to be Birthed from our SOLAR PLEXUS  driven Actions!!



Presently all Lightworkers are working incessantly for the Clearing, Purging, Transmutation and Purification of All  False Programing and Karmic Redemption held in multiple ( ancient) timelines running parallel  In The Now.

Tomorrow,28 March as we set our Intentions to align with our Highest Divine Light at Crown Chakra ,let us be very clear as to what Timeline we Now wish to CREATE for ourselves, Gaia and the Collective.

On 4:4:4: , Mary Magdalene’s  Gateway of the ROSE PORTAL , the begining of a new cycle begins as we register our Intended Timeline from a buffet of Multiple Future Potential Outcomes. This ROSE PORTAL of Mary Magdalene which caries within it the Higher Frequency of 8 , in this year of 2020 is carrying the Frequency of New Circle of CREATION.

The TOWER MOMENT we are currently facing is razing to the ground old beliefs, patterns,structures that can not be sustained any longer. Hence we are presented with the ONE AND ONLY INSTANCE in multiple timelines/ dimensions of Aligning with a BLANK CANVAS ( without having to go through the Apocalyptic Flood ) which allows us to paint our Future with the Colours of the Highest and Brightest LIGHT in the Greatest Good Of All.

( The two symbols drawn on the beach were given on the 4:4 2019 Rose Portal Gateway )

The Full Evening Star journey of Venus/ Inanna can be found here

Be Light ,InLight ,InJoy


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