Mary Magdalene Feast: July 22

Mary Magdalene Feast: July 22

Mary Magdalene. Is it possible that the once most maligned and misunderstood and misrepresented Lady could actually hold the Keys to our desired future….

The name of Mary Magdalene ,for many of us, is indelibly associated with The Order Of The Rose, especially well known being the Scarlet Order of the Rose. But as mentioned in my previous post, Blue Rose -Legacy of Venus (link below), The First Order of The Rose however is The Order of The Blue Rose , the 22 petaled Rose that has its origins in the Four Petaled Etheric Rose held in a Venusian crystal temple .

It is from the Order of The Blue Rose that various branches of the Rose, Scarlet,Red, Black, White, Golden originate each serving as a Keeper of specific  Codes in the etheric Heart space of the incarnated soul to serve as a Blueprint for the particular incarnated soul to align with their Soul Purpose.

Interestingly However,  I’ve had  2 clients/ light bearers who, even though they   held the Blue Rose Code at their heart Center,they belonged to The Order of The Scarlet Rose. As disclosed in their sessions, They are BOTH carriers / keepers of The ORIGINAL Bloodline of Sarah(daughter of Mary Magdalene), and BOTH clients/ light bearers are of Black Descent/ Ethnicity in this incarnation. Remember I said The Original Bloodline of Sarah.

It is Sarah’s Bloodline, The Holy Child/ Grail ,that holds the Divine Wisdom of The Legacy of The Blue Rose , Wisdom that is Equally Divine Masculine and Equally Divine Feminine…For It Is BOTH. 

These Light bearers have the great responsibility of carrying and protecting via their bloodline ,the Most Ancient Wisdom , The Divine Wisdom of the Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine…..till the world as we know it….Is ready to RECEIVE IT!!! RECEIVE it with the Honour and Grace and Reverence that this very very Powerful Ancient Wisdom deserves…

It’s important to point out that while many may be adepts/ initiates of the Order of the Blue Rose….The Keepers or guardians of the Blue Rose Bloodline are ONLY of Black  Descent/Ethnicity  are usually NOT adepts of this very order (like my two clients) for indeed their identity needs to be kept hidden and in utter secrecy, because of the very powerful wisdom they carry ( often unknown to even themselves). For They are indeed of the Direct Bloodline of Sarah .

And therein lies the poignancy of the tale of Mary Magdalene, for no one embodies the true nature of the Journey and Essence of the Divine Feminine as well as Mary Magdalene… most misunderstood and maligned ….relegated to the shadows…and any facts that did come to light were distorted to align with a highly Patriarchal perspective….She was painted as a fallen woman, a prostitute,only perhaps worthy of the Compassion of Jesus, her child (The Holy child) conveniently forgotten/overlooked because it was a Feminine child and not a masculine child……BUT She IS after all A Holy Woman, A DivineConsort, A Mother, Author of Powerful Ancient Divine Wisdom and Alchemical Healing Abilities…..and YES… of Black Ethnicity/ descent.

It is only in 2016, that Pope Francis declared Mary Magdalene was the “Apostle to The Apostles” and issued a decree giving her a Feast Day, July 22…..but we will only know her true Light and Glory when we are ready In…. Pure Unconditional love and Truth and Integrity and Kindness and Compassion and Tolerance and open mindedess.. to be worthy recipients of the Secrets of The Power of  The Order of The 22 Petaled Blue Rose ….

…..N that TIME begins NOW….a new timeline , A new order, a new world that is destined to come into being…The Rise of the Ancient wisdom once again…The Wisdom given by the Gods …the Rise once again  of the Ancient Civilizations and Wisdom  of Africa and Asia ….BUT ONLY, IF ONLY,  WHEN WE ourselves can be True Embodiments  of love, kindness,compassion,forgiveness, tolerance, integrity ,courage and open mindedness…..For how else do we birth a world of these qualities …if we do not embody the same ourselves, and honour and protect the same in others…our societies,communities,countries and Leaders and future generations???????

(It is said in certain texts that “The Blue Rose is native to Venus and was a favourite of Mary Magdalene and hence Jesus gifted it to her the night she conceived Sarah”)

Gratitude to All the Light bearers that made this post possible today

Link to Blue Rose

Be Light ,InLight ,InGrace


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Sessions resuming in August

Gratitude to Artist Lindy Arnon, and Artist unknown

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