13th Full Moon in Cancer

13th Full Moon in Cancer

Art by Amy Haderer

Such gentle, healing ,soothing energies this last full moon of the year is enveloping us in, the energies of Mother Mary ( light blue codes). It was the 1st and the 13 th moon of 2020…. the same Cancer Moon that saw the Pluto Saturn Conjunct on Jan 12* that dismantled/ disrupt the old….and the moon that followed the Saturn Jupiter Conjunct+ Solstice of 21* Dec that birthed the New Spiral , the 13 Dimension of the Emerald Sun of Creation and Manifestation. Rest , heal and rejuvenate in these gentle energies of The Mother ( Cancer Moon) . The Mothers Energies are with us for the next 8 years of Venus’s Cosmic Pentacle of 2020-2028 and they can be as gentle , healing and nurturing as they can be fierce, disruptive and protective. For Now we bask in her restorative healing energies post the massive inner rebirthing she guided us through Dec 12-21* as we currently move between the liminal space of the old and the New.

A cycle is completed and a new one begins…
The Dec 12-21 Goddess Gateway was midwife by Priestess of Isis who have specialised under Goddess Bast in the Art of Midwifery of Souls that keep their 3 strand Dna model intact, that allows them to pierce the veil of illusion ie they remember their Soul Purpose and gifts and talents accumulated over lifetimes which further assists them to cross the 12* Gates/ Chakras/ tribes / rainbow body and access the Rainbow Bridge for higer Collective, Planetary and Cosmic Ascension Purposes.

Gratitude to Artist Unknownn

This is the inner rebirth ( phoenix souls) being experienced by those who have crossed this Goddess Gateway and Solstice Conjunction Portals . This is also the Portal that those new incarnates born hence forth ( babies that will be born now) will come through, midwifed by the Isis / Bast Priestesses ie they will incarnate with the 3 strand DNA model…. they (phoenix souls+ new incarnates) are the architects of the New…. The Ascension Process for Gaia just entered the Rainbow Highway !!!

*Notice the important dates are 12 or mirror image 21 for this year of 2020…..a number of completion from which arises the 13 th!!!

Be Light ,InLight ,InJoy

Art : Into these Hands by Amy Haderer and gratitude to other artists unknown.

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