A Twin Gateway of Birth and Death New Moon Feb 11

A Twin Gateway of Birth and Death
New Moon Feb 11

Gratitude to Artist Unknown

Our Human existence is weaved into an intricate tapestry riding the crests and troughs of concurrent mega and mini cycles , continuously converging and expanding …. and one such interesting congruence of two significant cycles takes place Now at Aquarius New Moon 11 Feb.

Inanna”s Descent, Screenplay by Sandy Ibrahim

On one hand we have an annual cycle Of Lunar Imbolc bringing in the energies of Renewal and Rebirth of Gaia/ Us / Divine Feminine (Imbolc Gateway(Feb 1/calendar Imbolc-Feb 11 Lunar Imbolc)) and on the other end of the spectrum we have the very leading and prophetic mega cycle of Venus / Inanna cycle entering its phase of Ego Death and Embracing its Shadow aspects (last post). A gateway of Birth and Death simultaneously,the endless journey of the Soul ,continuously dying to false and outdated perceptions in order to uncover/ rebirth our Divine Awareness and Consciousness.

And so on this New Moon, the Goddess who retreated into the cave/ womb of the Mother Earth to rest, replenish, renew after the Birthing of the Son/ God Aspect on Yule/ Winter Solstice is now recharged and infused with New LifeForce Energy , New Insights and Womb Wisdom and ready to Re-emerge from the Womb / cave. While Patriarchy very wrongly named this 40 day period of cave- in post birth as a Purification Period (still a very prevalent custom in many parts of India) , Birth is NOT impure!!

Birth is Sacred Alchemy in Motion. It is a time when the Divine Feminine Mother Aspect ,midwifed by the Wise Crone communes between the realms of death (her own/ goddess) and birth (god) as she manifests Spirit into matter. She is held safely in the steady and strong arms of the Midwife Crone all the time being initiated into new insights and wisdom courtesy the Crone . And now on Lunar Imbolc/ New Moon in Aquarius the Divine Feminine is ready to be midwifed into a brand new vessel of Creative Life Force Energy , The Maiden Aspect… full of Life , Youth, Beauty , Enthusiasm , exuberance , willfulness , fearlessness and a special brand of intoxicating wildness, yet seeped in the deep wisdom of the Crone. For She carries within her, rich new and deep insights , wisdom, tools and gifts gained during her cave- in period…that which will not only sustain her/ Gaia but All Of Creation under the Guardianship of the Imbolc Triple Goddess Brigid. Brigid is the Keeper of the Eternal Flame which nourishes the Triple Flame of our Physical Body/ Kundalini LifeForce, our Energetic Body and Spiritual / soul spirit heralding a new cycle of Renewal, Birth and Creative Energy.

Maiden ,Mother and Crone by Dawn of the Shed

This New Moon serves as another upward spiral in the New Age of Aquarius that commenced in earnest with the birth of the New Sun on Winter Solstice , Dec22 2020. Just like the Tiny Green Shoots are determinedly breaking through the surface now against all odds, it’s time for you too to flex the new New Muscles of wisdom, Knowings, Insights , Tools and Gifts you gained during your dive into The Mothers Womb/ cave. It’s Time for the Creative juices to Flow!!

Be Light ,EnLight ,InGrace

Previous Post on Inanna https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/2021/02/10/inanna-venus-at-gateway-of-death-by-intent-at-earth-star-chakra/

Gratitude to Artists dawn of The Shed and others Unknown

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