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  1. RECONNECTING With The Original  TIME SPIRAL via Your HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ASPECTS To align with your DIVINE GIFTS. (Activation Session)

Energy exchange  USD $133  (1-1;30hrs)  (details below)



Energy exchange USD$ 111   ( 1-1;30 hrs)  (details below)



3) GOING WITH THE FLOW  (Clearings+ Activation Session)

Energy Exchange USD $122  (1-1:30hrs)   (details below)



4) GODDESS HEALING SESSIONS  (Healing Session) (details below)




About These Sessions….

For the December 12:21  2017 Gateway I channeled that we are  Now entering Phase 2 since The Goddess Portal of December 21 2012 opened the gateways for the Awakening of  The Sentinels/ Priestesses/Priests/ Guardians  of The Goddess/ Divine Feminine. For 6 years the seeds of awakening have opened doorways for these  Sentinels to ReMember once again via many dark nights of The Soul that they are indeed on Gaia not only for their own Soul progression and Ascension but to assist Gaia and her sentient beings as well in her Ascension to the higher vibrational Frequencies.

6 years hence ,we are now ready to enter Phase 2 with the December 12:21 Goddess Portal of 2017 for which the channeling I received was that the Sentinels of the Goddess would now begin to RE-Member and RE-Connect with their Gifts/ Skills which they have practiced in many lifetimes in Atlantis/ Lemuria/ Khem and RE-Group with their soul Groups which will assist with   the Ascension Process .

Through the many sessions Ive had with clients world wide I have witnessed two major trends.

  1. The practice of these Divine Gifts have often led to severe persecution of these Sentinels, Both by Forces Not of Light or by Wise Light Beings who fell prey to jealousy , envy , love of  power and control Ie The shadow aspects of the Masculine and Feminine.The wounds / energetic traumas of these persecutions have been carried over lifetime over lifetime ,resulting in  a breaking off from that Time Spiral and the Blocking of these very gifts .As a clairvoyant with the gift off seeing into All realms of existence, I Am able to see  these energetic confignments around them which they often describe as an inability to move  beyond of what seems like an imaginary circle, or box, or seem to be pulled back by rubberbands back to square one…these are the  very words of clients who seem to be held back on their Soul purpose, without knowing why.Many a times, forces not of the Light, who are responsible for these cords and confignments STILL have very ACTIVE control over the Lifeforce of these Sentinels via Cords and Open portals in their Energy Fields leaving these Sentinels feeling Soul Tired and unable to get on their Mission that they KNOW they have come to fulfill.

2. Sometimes these gifts have been misused for selfish gain instead of Selfless service  resulting in blocks which again prevent them from aligning with their Soul purpose.

Since the Feburary Eclipse Corridor of 31 Jan -15/16 Feb 2018, The Lunar Eclipse virtually a visual presentation of the UN-VEILING of Our Gifts, followed by the 13 Nights of the Priestesses Ive noticed that my services no longer seemed to follow the earlier patterns. A Completely NEW Aspect has opened Now altered the Scope and process of my services.

What has begun to come in NOW Is :

#Clearings and Activations happening simultaneously to RECONNECT the TIME SPIRAL so as to REConnect once again with the gifts and attributes that the individual has always  held at a soul level.

#In many sessions the client has contracted at a Soul Level to be the Channel of Release of the entire Soul Group of :-

(a) certain woundings/ deep soul energetic imprints of persecutions. Here mass clearings and soul retrivals have taken place Via this Conduit as she/he has been the Head of a particular Soul Group and agreed at a Soul Level to assist the entire Group.

(b) Oaths / Vows taken as a Soul Group which NOW is the time to be released off so that We   may move ahead exponentially on the ascension process. The Conduit is often the one who initiated the oath and hence bears the onus to be the conduit for the reversal of the said oath for the entire Soul Group.

(c) Some individuals have agreed at a Soul Level ( do not have conscious knowing of the same) to be the conduits for the release from the strangle hold of forces not of Light of certain ENERGY Centers ON and OFF Planet. It is imperative that these Energy Centers are once again Re-united with the Original time Spiral of the Highest frequency. These are individuals working and taking on traumas of the Collective to a greater degree than other Light Workers.

#Release from contracts/ patterns  which keep certain individuals repeatedly appearing in each lifetime with the same abusive  patterns looping endlessly.

So Im offering 4 services which serve as a combination of Clearings and Activations to Align You with your Gifts/ Soul Purpose.



Energy exchange  USD $133  (1-1;30hrs)

Here I open my channels to Divine Light and Love  to bring in whatever clearings/ release / activations that YOU recquire in the NOW via LIGHT LANGUAGE keys, codes and symbols to move ahead with your Soul Progression and Soul Purpose. I work with my Divine entourage, your Divine Entourage and many Light beings who show up in the course of the session. I have no way of knowing before hand what will be coming through, or who/ which Divine Beings will show up. It is best to approach this session in an act of   Surrendering to the Process knowing that , That which is in your Highest and Greatest Good and That which will support you in your Soul Progression and Soul Purpose in the NOW, WILL come through depending on where you are on your individual ascension journey.

IMPORTANT:It is imperative to mention here that I function as a CHANNEL to assist you to empower yourself and reach your highest potential  on your path of Soul Progression and Soul purpose.  What exactly are your Gifts and How and When YOU step into your gifts is NOT in my hands , and nor can I foretell the same. Indeed this is where YOUR Power and journey and free will choices lie.



Energy exchange USD$ 111   ( 1-1;30 hrs)

Ive seen in many instances that persecutions in past lifetimes leave an energetic imprint or open portals  in one or more of the energy chakras which need to be cleared /closed. Many a  times as a result of severe persecution the individual herself/himself places self sabotaging plugs and blocks or Oaths and vows in their energetic field which continue over lifetimes and need to be removed.



Energy Exchange USD $122  (1-1:30hrs)

For those undecided as to what they recquire in the moment, this session opens up channels for Guidance Clearings and Activations that they can benefit from in the NOW which will be of greatest assistance moving forward. This is an open ended free wheeling Session where you can state your intention wrt what are you hoping for out of this session. This would include Soul Contract Cancellations , Starseeds Activations or whatever else you are interested in. However I can not promise that will come necessarily come through as what will come through will be guided / channeled in the moment by your Divine Entourage and mine.



These are distant healing sessions .Please connect via mail for these.

IMPORTANT: I Function as a channel to bring forth what you require in the NOW to be Empowered and Aligned with your Soul purpose and Soul progression in the best and highest way.

I am NOT a Medium or Fortuneteller and nor do I work with the Twin Flame Aspect .

If any of this strikes a chord or calls to you and  you wish to schedule a one on one session with me please mail me with your photograph taken in the NOW and your Timezone / place. NO payments should be made until I have confirmed the go ahead for a session.

All sessions are on Skype.

Release symptoms almost always  follow my sessions though the exact nature and intensity varies from person to person.

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~Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na