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All 3 Sessions are Live Channelings  via Ancient Egyptian Light Language for effective dispensation and anchoring  of the frequencies, keys, codes and symbols that come through via your Divine Entourage , my Divine Entourage and Light Beings that come in to assist and  guidance from your Akashik Records.

I have no way of knowing before hand what will be coming through, or who/ which Divine Beings will show up. It is best to approach this session  from a place  of   Surrendering to the Process knowing that , That which is in your Highest and Greatest Good and That which will support you in your Soul Progression and Soul Purpose in the NOW, WILL come through depending on where you are on your individual ascension journey.

The sole intention behind all 3 services is to align you with your Highest Soul Purpose . These sessions are NOT about  Oracle readings, for-telling the future , Mediumship or TwinFlame union/ information.

  1. RECONNECTING With The Original  TIME SPIRAL via Your HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ASPECTS To align with your DIVINE GIFTS. (Activation Session)

Energy exchange  USD $133  (1-1;30hrs)

We each have Higher Dimensional Aspects residing in the Higher Dimensions. During this  session I connect you with those aspects that you are Now ready to integrate with ( how many aspects are ready for integration depends on where you are on your Ascension journey), the lifetimes that you have had as an embodiment of that Aspect so that you are aligned with the Gifts ,Skills , Talents and Attributes of that Aspect and also remove any Blocks that could be preventing you from aligning with that Aspect on account of any trauma/ misdeed incurred during the  embodiment of that Aspect.

IMPORTANT:It is imperative to mention here that I function as a CHANNEL to assist you to empower yourself and reach your highest potential  on your path of Soul Progression and Soul Purpose. I will bring in infomation and guidance and tools  for you to work with. But  How and When YOU step into your gifts is NOT in my hands , and nor can I foretell the same. Indeed this is where YOUR Power and journey and Free Will choices lie.


2) GOING WITH THE FLOW  (Clearings+ Activation Session)

Energy Exchange USD $122  (1-1:30hrs)

This would be the session to opt for if there is/ are any specific stumbling block/ blocks you are simply not being able to overcome or have a particular goal in mind and recquire additional information or guidance with the same. The intention here is to bring in all the assistance , guidance and infomation that will assist you in the NOW to move forward on your Soul Path. These Sessions may also  included activation of your Goddess Rose Code , Starseed Activations and Soul Contract Cancellations depending on what guidance comes through for you.




Energy exchange USD$ 111   ( 1-1;30 hrs)

As the name suggests this is a clearing session primarily aimed at removing containments, confinements ,cords , blocks, plugs, vows , oaths , genetic family bloodline karmic debts/ traumas that keep you in a defined radius and do not allow you to move beyond a certain point in your Ascension journey. These influences  are usually coming from previous lifetimes in a repetitive pattern over lifetimes  and can be actively feeding off your life force presently without you being consciously aware of the same.


If any of these strikes a chord or calls to you and  you wish to schedule a one on one session with me please mail me with your photograph taken in the NOW and your Timezone / place.

All sessions are on SKYPE.

Payment ONLY VIA PAYPAL ( bank transfers within India only) , and  ONLY AFTER I ask for the same, NO payments should be made until I have confirmed a session.

Release symptoms almost always  follow my sessions though the exact nature and intensity varies from person to person.

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~Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na