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Screenshot_20200219-163509~2ONE On ONE Skype Sessions.

(Duration 1-1:30 hrs, Price USD $144 effective for bookings made  June 9 2020 onwards)

The Intention behind my one on one sessions is Always for you to be aligned with your Highest Soul Purpose and Reason for incarnating in the Now so as to stand Empowered via your Soul Gifts, Attributes and Talents as a Sovereign and Independent Agent of Change ,working from the frequency of Service to All, for the Emergence of New Higher Dimensional Gaia for WE ,As the  Sparks of Divine Source , Are the conduits as well as the Master Creators of New Golden Age begining 2020.

When I connect with you Energetically I am shown those aspects which need to be brought into your Awareness in the Now. These may include Your Higher Dimensional Aspects and or Starseed Aspects and their corresponding aspects in various Timelines( past or future )  that you have incarnated in that hold the keys and codes of your Unique Soul Gifts so that you may be activated with the same. If there are Blocks present in your energy fields then I’m shown which timeline/ lifetime these blocks are rooted in and guidance is channeled on how best to negotiate/ negate the blocks and the energetic cords that are most possibly still impacting your energy fields and feeding off your Life Force Energies   and preventing forward momentum. Soul Retrievals and Soul Contract Cancellations may also be called for in such cases. Your Unique Goddess Rose Code may also come up for activation as it is the Key to your Soul Progression, Soul Purpose and Dispensation of your Planetary Mission.  Specific downloads from your individual Akashik Records may be called for and channeled for you , or if your path is that of influencing a greater collective then the channeling will take place  from the Super Consciousness Field or Cosmic/ Galactic Akashik Fields. These are just some examples of what is to be expected for each path is unique and so is each session. It is however important to add here that IF there is some Karmic and  or Ancestral Bloodline lineage Redemption that is still pending for you, THAT is the Aspect which will come in for you irrespective of what intention you set ( karmic/ ancestral cause and guidance for redemption) for we may align with our gifts and purpose ONLY once we have cleared our karmic/ ancestral dues.

The Information comes in via Sound and Light Keys and Codes and Specific Symbols may be activated/ Re- Activated in your Energy Fields so that you can work with them going forward. Ancient Egyptian  Light Language, Toning  and Direct Heart to Heart Energy Transmissions/ Healings are used in the sessions.

If you have a particular intention you may register it at the start of the session , though I can not guarantee what will come forth other than that which is in your Highest Good in the Now will come forth, which may not exactly be what you want…but is what you Need in the Now. So it is best to approach these sessions with a open heart in surrender giving Spirit enough space to bring in what is needed in the Now.

Many are  Now aligning  with Soul Gifts/ Purpose of Great Powers of CoCreation and Manifestation. It’s important to know that irrespective of the Light Legacy you carry , you WILL be recquired to prove your WORTH (to yourself first and foremost) to wield these great skills, powers and talents that the session activations may bring forth and this will almost immediately begin to unfold in your reality post- session as Oppertunities/ challenges to prove your mettle. These challenges are the very Gateways/ Oppertunities that act as the heat and pressure coefficients recquired to turn carbon ( you) into a Diamond (your highest potential) , in other words they initiate you on the path of Courage, Faith, Trust , Integrity, Grace and Brave Warrior Action so that you may emerge on the other side of the Gateway/ challenge with the required Strength of Character (spiritual, emotional, mental)  to  BE an Active Agent of Change for the Birthing of a New Consciousness. The time span and level of Grace and ease  with which you pass these opportunities/ challenges  differs from Individual to Individual.

These sessions should not be confused with Fore Telling the Future  as I act as a conduit to bring in the activations/ information/ healing that will align you/ trigger your own innate Powers of Manifestation and Healing in alignment with your Ascension Path. The  Hows and Whens of the process is where Your Power/ Growth Lies ( FreeWill Choices)….That is YOUR journey and Not for me to foretell as that becomes Limiting in itself and intention of the sessions is to align with your Soul Self…the Unlimited and Expansive Divine Soul Self…using the activations/ information as tools/ aids to forge your Own Unique path. The Future is a spiral of many spokes ( ie multiple potential outcomes) , and which spoke you align with finally is a function of your Light Quotient, how far along you are on the path of Karmic Redemption, your Intentions and FreeWill Choices  and Actions .

Also these sessions are about your Individual and Unique Soul Progression to Emerge as an Whole and Complete Divine Aspect, NOT how or when or if you are to connect with ” your other half/ twin” . Also as the Twin Aspect does not entirely lie in the Domain of Service to All Frequency,it does not usually make an appearance in these sessions.

Payment ONLY VIA PAYPAL ( bank transfers within India only) , and  ONLY AFTER I ask for the same, NO payments should be made until I have confirmed a session.


If this resonates with you and you would like to  book an appointment mail me at with your picture taken in the Now and your timezone.

(It is assumed that the client has basic visualization skills and knowledge+ daily practice of clearing and maintaining her/ his energetic chakras and Auric fields as this may  be recquired in the post session period of 21 days.)

~Devyani Singh ~Sa Kei Na 🔱🌹✨